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Shanta Design|Build has served San Francisco homeowners and businesses since 1974 when owner Shanta Bulkin designed and built his first project – a temple and meditation/yoga space in San Francisco’s thriving Mission District. Shanta Design|Build now serves the entire San Francisco Bay Area as one of its most highly regarded construction and remodeling companies.

Shanta Design|Build

  • A full-service remodeling and construction company since 1974.
  • Certified Green Builders
  • A family team dedicated to the excellence in design, craft and client relationships.
  • Talented and reliable craftspeople who help to create your dreams through skilled workmanship, attention to detail, and expertise. Whether you need an addition, a bathroom remodel, or quality repairs, Shanta Design/Build will handle everything.
  • A licensed firm, bonded and insured, with a stellar reputation, whose integrity and professional relationships with vendors, sub-contractors and building inspectors, ensures that projects are completed with ease.
Shanta Design|Build • 87 Loomis • San Francisco CA 94124 • CA License #442870-B
phone (415) 821-4091 • fax (415) 821-1372 • email